Wednesday, November 18, 2015


A week before we were scheduled to leave I was notified that one of our flights home had been canceled. They re-booked us on a flight leaving a day early. That's the reason we had a day less in Siem Reap. Also, because of the way we booked the flights, we were going to have a long layover either in South Korea or Los Angeles. We chose Seoul for the layover. We were there overnight and got just a small taste of the city.

It was a big change from SE Asia. Not only temperature and humidity-wise. We were back to streets where they obeyed traffic signals and we had a huge subway system to use.

Our flight landed in the morning and we stored our luggage at the airport and only took what we needed with us. We explored Gyeongbokgung Palace for a while. 

I loved the fall weather and seeing the leaves. It was a nice change and more like what I would have been seeing at home. 

Then we wandered down the city taking in some sights. We eventually walked to our hotel and took a little nap. It rained that evening so we didn't go too far from the hotel. We ended up eating pho for dinner and then went to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream. 

I've never really had the desire to see South Korea, but this gave me a little taste and now I do think it would be fun to go back.

We had a great vacation. Once again, my eyes were opened and the world got a little bit smaller and bigger at the same time. No ideas where we will go next, but I'm sure it will be good. Still so many places to choose from.

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