Monday, April 27, 2015

Seattle... Again

Last week I got to go back to Seattle for meetings for work. I flew in a couple hours earlier than I normally would have and met up with my friend Heather and we did a little exploring the night before the meetings started.

We ended up at the EMP museum which has a Star Wars costume exhibit. The geek in me had a blast.


There were lots of fun costumes to see from the new and old movies.


Queen Amidala's costumes were especially fun. She had a bunch of them. 


Not only did they have Star Wars but they had an exhibit with random stuff from a bunch of sci-fi movies and tv shows.  And another exhibit with costumes and things from fantasy movies.

For dinner that night, I got to try a pasty, which is a Cornish meat pie type of thing. It was pretty good. 

After the 2 days of meetings, a couple of us took a later flight out on Friday so we spent a little time at Pike's Market, which is always a fun thing to do. We ate breakfast at a place called Biscuit Bitch and it was absolutely delicious. Biscuits and gravy with scambled eggs and bacon on top. I couldn't finish it.

It was kind of cold and rainy and rainy when I got home (but not so cold, thank goodness) but since I like rainy days, it was ok with me. It was a nice week and nice to get away from home for a bit. I'm glad to be sleeping in my own bed again though.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Freak Snow Storm

We seem to get snow at least once during the springtime. I love it! Probably because I know it won't last and will be gone by the weekend. I love sunshine and blue skies, but there's just something about a storm (rain or snow, I'm not picky) that just makes me happy.

The view from my front window this morning:

And the view from my back window:

And it's still coming down. No signs of stopping yet. Too bad I can't be home with cocoa and a good book.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I took a half day off today. My nephew and nieces are on spring break so my sister and I took them to see Cinderella. I liked it. It was a cute movie.  My 6 year old niece told her mom they have to buy it. She's still at that age where princesses are magical and it's fun to watch, even if I do get a little tired of whatever princess she is currently wanting to be. 

But even at my age, I still love a fairy tale. There really is something kind of magical about them. And we all need something magical we can believe in at times, I think.