Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Bookshelves Overfloweth

I admit I might have a problem.

This year so far I have purchased 49 actual paper books from Amazon. I don't know how many from other retailers. A few for sure. And roughly 68 for Kindle. Some of those books were gifts (ha ha like maybe 4 of them).

This year so far I have read 91 books, some of which I borrowed from the library, so my reading pace is definitely not keeping up with my buying pace (like that's even possible).  Interestingly enough, I still read more paper than electronic books, yet I buy more eBooks. That one click button is just so easy to use.

In my defense I've purged twice already this year. I won't mention the container under the bed. I really am planning to get rid of them. Someday.

You can't tell from the pictures, but all of the shelves are stacked 2 deep with books on top and in pretty much any space I can get them.

I've decided I really need another bookshelf. Where to put it though...I might need to do some rearranging.

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