Friday, August 24, 2012

Perfect moments

Do you ever have that perfect moment? The one where everything is peaceful and worries and stress disappear, and for that small moment in time you are perfectly happy.  I had one this summer and I was thinking about it the other day.  I was in Sweden at Anna’s summer home.  It was mid-morning and the sky was blue and the birds were out. The sun was shining and warm. The sea was close, although I couldn’t see it through the bushes and trees. I was lying on my back on the grass next to my sister and we were finding shapes in the clouds.
I cherish moments like those.
Sometimes I have perfect moments in the middle of noisy family gatherings, or snuggled in a blanket with hot chocolate watching the snow fall.
Whatever your perfect moment is, I hope you have one soon.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun weekend

I got to spend last weekend with a friend from Alabama. She stayed at my house and we spent Friday in Park City. Oddly enough, I had never been to the Olympic Park so we spent a little time there watching some people free-style ski into the pool. It was pretty fun. Then we walked over to the bobsled course and watched a few bobsleds come down. Ha ha... I wish I was brave enough to try it.

Then we spent some time on Saturday morning in Logan canyon and hiked the Crimson Trail. I haven't hiked that trail in a lot of years. It is so dry this year, but I still find the mountains beautiful in a rugged sort of way.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Vacation - Part 2

I must admit that Copenhagen was a bit of a disappointment to me. After Stockholm, it just didn’t have the ease of getting around and was dirty. Not that I haven’t been in dirty cities before (and the US isn’t exactly clean) but there was seriously trash all over in Stroget one morning.  We did stay at a nice hotel near Nyhavn, which was very fun. If I’m ever there again, I will rent a bike to get around the city. They have fantastic bike lanes and of course I’d get a lot further than walking.
It was overcast and rained quite a bit in Copenhagen, and actually the entire trip. We were prepared and didn’t let the rain bother us most of the time.
No trip to Copenhagen is complete without seeing The Little Mermaid statue. We went just because you have to, right? There are better things to see in the city. J
Nyhavn is one of the most famous streets and packed with tourists, even on rainy days.
Frederiksberg Park was beautiful. I liked that area of the city the most, I think.

And my favorite part of Denmark was taking a train to Helsingor and seeing Kronborg Slot, aka Hamlet’s Castle, which it should be noted, has burned and been rebuilt a few times so even if Hamlet wasn’t a fictional character, he wouldn’t have lived in this particular castle. J It’s also unlikely that Shakespeare himself ever saw it. It rained like crazy and we were wet and tired but it was still fun to walk around. The casements were almost completely unlit and they let you run around in the dark. That would be a great place for Halloween. And it has a moat. Every castle should have a moat! J

Anyway, it was a great trip overall. I knocked 2 more spots off my list and now I’m happily at home sleeping in my own bed and full of possibilities for the next trip, where ever it may be.

Vacation - Part 1

Sweden is a beautiful country and Stockholm was so easy to get around with the metro system and trams and buses they have. Flying in, the view from the airplane was a lot like flying to Charlotte, NC. I went to Stockholm because my sister decided to run the Jubilee Marathon, which is the 100th anniversary of when Stockholm hosted the summer Olympics in 1912. We had a great time seeing the city and the race was exciting.

Stockholm highlights for me: cheering on my sister at the race. I’m not a runner but being in the stands with a bunch of cheering people can be very fun. I’ll stick with the cheering and not the running. This race was especially fun because of all the different people from different countries there to run. And listening to the Olympic anthem as the runners entered the stadium is probably the closest I’ll ever get to an Olympic event. J
The canal tour around Djurgarden was nice. It was fun to get on the water. We just didn’t have time to get a ferry boat out to the archipelago but maybe someday we’ll get back there.

We also had a great time at the Vasa museum, where a 1628 era restored warship sits, and Skansen, which is an open air museum with houses from all era of Swedish history.

After we left Stockholm, we took the train to southern Sweden where we stayed with our old exchange student. They have a summer home on the Baltic Sea and it was so fun to be with Anna and her family and the countryside there is so beautiful.

Above is the home we stayed in and the path to the sea.  Below is a picture I took during a bike ride.