Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chocolate Cake Castle

I made my birthday cake again this year. I found the chocolate cake castle on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to try. My niece helped me build the towers. 

The picture online used Hershey's small candy bars but I don't really like Hershey's so I went with some Andes mints. I should say the cake is Hershey's Ultimate Chocolate Cake from their website. I don't like Hershey's candy bars (there's just better tasting and less waxy out there, IMO) but they do have some good recipes. This was great tasting cake, if I do say so myself. 

We cut into it and pretended it was a fort that got destroyed in a battle. I'm going to say it might not look like the picture from Pinterest, but it's pretty darn close. We're calling this one a Pinterest win.

It's not quite my birthday yet, but this was the family celebration. Mom made Navajo tacos for dinner, which is one of my favorite things to eat. Then we had cake and ice cream. I've been sick and still am not feeling great but it was a good time with the family.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Birthday Shopping

I have a tradition of buying myself a birthday present. I get a few gifts from my family but I don't expect them and don't want them to spend their money on me, not really. I can spend money on myself. And I do. My tradition has morphed into "birthday month". I buy myself stuff all month and call it a birthday present. Then when February is over, I'm back to normal shopping (meaning I buy books constantly, and other stuff only when I need it or when it's on sale or when I can use a little "retail therapy"). Ha ha... I probably shop a lot come to think of it. Anyway, it is Birthday Shopping month and I took the day off and went shopping. I needed a break from work anyway. 

It was a fantastic day. I woke up without an alarm clock and spent the day doing whatever and wandering through a lot of stores. I ended up with some stuff from Sephora, a couple books, a new pair of shoes, a new shirt,  and some random stuff for around my house. Then I headed home, made dinner and am now watching Guardians of the Galaxy for the third time in 3 days (I'm getting my money's worth from Amazon instant video). :)  

Anyhow, I've got my birthday shopping done for the month, unless of course, I see something else I might want before the month is over. I had a great day off and going back to work tomorrow doesn't sound as bad as it could. Life is good.