This is my blog about nothing in particular and my life in general.

My family is the most important thing in my life. I love spending time with them, especially my nieces and nephews. 
Some of the things I like in no particular order: dark chocolate, books, chocolate chip cookies, bookstores, going for walks, traveling, rain, warm homemade bread with butter and jam, music, making lists, classic movies and musicals, flowers, theater,  spin class, libraries, and...well, you get the picture. 
I've written in a journal or diary all my life, but the past few years I haven't kept up as much as I'd like. I have no progeny so I'm not sure who will ever read my journals, but sometimes I like to go back and see what I've been up to. Anyway, I'm not actually a blogger, this is just my online journal. Since I've had it, most of my journaling has been online although from time to time I still write in a paper journal.

Once as a child, I stayed home sick from school and sat on the couch with a tape recorder and blank tape. I created my own news report complete with guest interviews (mom) and my own theme music. I called it... Misti's Corner.

ETA: unless otherwise noted, all pictures are taken by me. My profile pic was taken by my sister with my camera. :)