Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Exploring Angkor

 My advice for exploring the temples at Angkor:


  1. Spread it out over a few days so you don't get "templed out". 
  2. Take good walking shoes because you will be walking on uneven ground most of the time. Never mind the Asian tourists you see in fancy dresses and sandals. 
  3. Drink lots of water. Food and water can be purchased at or near some of the temples but make sure you have some with you as well. We also had electrolyte tablets that helped, especially since we are not used to that level of humidity. 
  4. Moisture wicking fabric is more comfortable than loose cotton t shirts, especially if you sweat a lot.
  5. Waterproof sunscreen is a must but mine came off really fast when I started to sweat. Take a hat (I had my buff which I loved). I had an umbrella also but using it for a sun screen is hard when you need both your hands to climb. 
  6.  All the guide books, internet, etc tell you that you need to have your shoulders covered. You do have to dress modestly. These are temples, even if they aren't your culture or religion, and they should be treated appropriately. I did see a girl get turned away for a sleeveless dress (and it was one with wide straps that covered quite a bit). 
  7. Hiring a tuk-tuk driver off the street is very easy and it's a fun way to see the temples. Don't let your airport driver talk you into his air-conditioned car for double the price. Even though the air conditioning is nice.
  8. Have fun and see all you can but remember you won't be able to see it all. 

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