Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Count Your Blessings

Hard to believe Christmas will be here before I know it. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and long weekend. I spent time with the family and read some books and did some shopping (not on Black Friday) and made candy. We’ve officially decided to call it Brown Friday since that’s the day the candy making commences and chocolate gets everywhere. Oddly enough, with my dad gone, my mom got up early and started the chocolate melting. We started rolling and dipping right after I got there around 10:00 and were completely finished and had the mess cleaned up by 4:00. Seriously the fastest candy making year ever. I missed my dad being there. It was always his job to make sure the chocolate was melting and the nuts were chopped. Ha ha…the chocolate probably doesn’t dare not melt quickly with my mom in charge.

We also got a snow storm yesterday so there is white stuff all around. I hope it lasts so we can have a white Christmas. I’m almost finished with the Christmas shopping, even. 

But before I get too deep into Christmas, I want to take a few moments more to be thankful.

My car is still running

The internet – even though it distracts me way too much
Grocery stores so I can just go buy food

People that share recipes on Pinterest or the aforementioned internet

My piano


My little home that may not be grand or fancy and needs new carpet but fits me perfectly

Hot water right out of the tap

Family game nights

All of my kiddos who are growing up so fast

And much, much more. Everything I have is because I have been blessed by my Heavenly Father.
Now the Christmas season can begin and I’ll still be counting my blessings. Did you see, I even put up a tree this year!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Time to De-Clutter

I recently read the book Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod. She wanted to quit her job and travel and took a year to downsize her life and save up the money she needed. I’m not looking to quit my job to travel but I was pretty interested in all the things she did to save money, and how she downsized.

Anyhow, it has inspired me to clean out my closets. I started on Saturday and got another big chunk of it done last night. I already have a huge pile of stuff to donate to the DI and my garbage can and recycle bin are almost full.

Clothes: I cleaned out my clothes closet about a year ago, I think, but I still kept a lot of stuff I don’t or can’t wear. It’s gone, along with some shoes, jewelry, and purses.

Craft supplies: All that scrapbooking paper I’ve never used. Yep, it’s pretty but I don’t scrapbook and I don’t want to start. Holiday decorations. I’m only keeping the ones I actually use. All kinds of other miscellaneous or half used crafting stuff got thrown out too.

Weird stuff: Nunchucks from karate. A wind chime I bought in San Diego years ago when my sister lived there. It’s a wood one and it reminds me of birds of paradise, sea air, and good times. The problem is I’ve never lived in a place I could hang it. Empty picture frames. A crumpled world map. Candlestick holder. ???

Books: I found a bunch of old text books in a box in the bottom of a closet. Gone. A box of old children’s books. I kept a few but I’m going to see if my brother or sister wants any of the rest of them. If not, they are going. Sheet music and violin music. This I still have to go through. If I don’t play the piano music, I might as well not keep it. The violin stuff I’m probably keeping since I still have my violin. LOL – I should try playing it once in a while.
I still have 2 closets to finish and my bathroom drawers to go through but it feels so good to be doing this. This past week I’ve been feeling heavy, emotionally and physically. De-cluttering my life and my house is just one thing I am doing to stop those feelings. I am so blessed with my job and the ability to provide for myself. I found my old journals and diaries from my entire life. It’s fun to look back at them. One of the things I see is a wonderful family: parents who supported me and gave me opportunities, and siblings who are my best friends. Life can still be good, even in troubled times.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 9

Today I am sad. And truth be told, a little bit shocked. I seriously didn’t think he would win the election. I didn’t, and couldn’t in good conscience, vote for him. But I know a lot of people, of good people, who did. Why? I’m trying to wrap my head around that. It’s hard to do. Maybe I just have to say we have a difference of opinion when it comes to some things and leave it at that.

It truly is too soon to tell what will happen, so for now I’m turning off the news reports and social media. I’m going to think about how I can be a little kinder or make my place (i.e. neighborhood, community) a little better. I know my prayers this morning were a little more heartfelt and sincere. I sat in the sunshine at lunch and just tried to be grateful for the nice weather. Maybe I’ll pull out an old favorite book before I go to bed tonight. Whatever it takes to get some sleep…

Monday, November 7, 2016

A Picture Says A Lot of Words

It's Monday.
The Monday after the time change and before the election.
I feel a little like this:

Or maybe like this:

Luckily, Mondays and time changes don't last forever.

Pretty soon I'll be feeling like this:

Actually, I'm pretty sure I never feel like a dancing nymph so maybe I'll say I'll feel like this:

A lovely carousel always make one feel better, right?

And I've found a use for some random trip pictures so it's a double win.