Wednesday, September 2, 2015

PiYo - Week 5 Recap

I’m still going and got all the workouts in plus some extra walking. Some days I was really motivated and others it was really hard to even get started.  I read something that said that it takes 4 weeks for me to notice a difference, 8 weeks for friends and family, and 12 weeks for everybody else. Well I think I’ve been noticing a difference. I mean, I feel better for sure. Ha ha… when I’m not stiff and sore. But I swear there have been just a few slight changes in my body. Sometimes I think it’s probably wishful thinking and then sometimes I think it’s really happening.  At this point I’m not sure I will be able to fit into my hiking pants by the end but I’m not giving up hope. They were loose in Peru so it’s not like I have to get exactly back to where I was. Plus, I still have time after the 8 weeks of PiYo is over before I go on my trip.

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