Tuesday, September 15, 2015

PiYo - Week 7 Recap

This week started out as probably the hardest so far. I had to talk myself into not quitting. Honestly, I think I’m just tired of PiYo. I love how I’m feeling but would like to mix it up a bit. I want some variety. However, these two months have flown by. I have a saying on my bathroom wall that says something to the effect that the time is going to go by anyway so I can either be healthier in that time or not. On Friday I put on a pair of jeans straight from being washed and they are definitely loose. Like, pull them up loose. And on Monday I wore an old pair of jeans that I couldn’t wear earlier this year. It seems like it happened overnight but it’s a great feeling and what I’m concentrating on to finish up strong.
I’ve learned that I definitely have time to exercise and I can do it at random times if I have to. To complete these workouts I’ve gotten up in the morning, used my lunch break, right after getting home from work, and even right before bed or other random times in the evening. It’s really about telling myself there are no excuses. I still really want to be more of a morning exerciser but there are very few days when I literally don’t have time somewhere in the day.

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