Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I love to wear perfume.  I wear a different perfume everyday depending on what I feel like, the weather, or what seems to go with what I’m wearing. I was in heaven when I discovered I can buy perfume samples on the internet. I haven’t counted how many I have but without seeing them I could name over 20. I have a problem, I know.  :)
Usually my favorite scents are the clean ones. I like green and citrusy scents. I like floral and other fruity scents too. Spicy and oriental scents are my least favorite but I do sometimes like them. I don’t like powdery and rose scented perfumes and I don’t like to smell like vanilla. But I’m really open to trying anything. It just depends on the individual fragrance and what I’m in the mood for.  Ha ha… and since my moods change, small bottles and samples are really great for me. 
My favorite perfumes right now are:
  • Stella by Tocca – love the citrus in it
  • After My Own Heart by Ineke – starts with lilac, one of my favorite flowers but I love how it smells on me after the drydown
  • Sea and Sky by TokyoMilk – this is another one that I just love after the drydown
  • Dahlia and Vines by Nest - fairly new to my collection, it combines flowers with green and I like it but it is really strong and must be used sparingly
There are a bunch more that I really like but those are the ones that I seem to come back to or have actually purchased regular bottles of.
Today I’m wearing Ed Hardy Love & Luck. I like it but I’ve had the bottle for years and I’m kind of tired of it. The bottle is almost empty though so periodically I get it out and try to use it up.

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