Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Time to De-Clutter

I recently read the book Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod. She wanted to quit her job and travel and took a year to downsize her life and save up the money she needed. I’m not looking to quit my job to travel but I was pretty interested in all the things she did to save money, and how she downsized.

Anyhow, it has inspired me to clean out my closets. I started on Saturday and got another big chunk of it done last night. I already have a huge pile of stuff to donate to the DI and my garbage can and recycle bin are almost full.

Clothes: I cleaned out my clothes closet about a year ago, I think, but I still kept a lot of stuff I don’t or can’t wear. It’s gone, along with some shoes, jewelry, and purses.

Craft supplies: All that scrapbooking paper I’ve never used. Yep, it’s pretty but I don’t scrapbook and I don’t want to start. Holiday decorations. I’m only keeping the ones I actually use. All kinds of other miscellaneous or half used crafting stuff got thrown out too.

Weird stuff: Nunchucks from karate. A wind chime I bought in San Diego years ago when my sister lived there. It’s a wood one and it reminds me of birds of paradise, sea air, and good times. The problem is I’ve never lived in a place I could hang it. Empty picture frames. A crumpled world map. Candlestick holder. ???

Books: I found a bunch of old text books in a box in the bottom of a closet. Gone. A box of old children’s books. I kept a few but I’m going to see if my brother or sister wants any of the rest of them. If not, they are going. Sheet music and violin music. This I still have to go through. If I don’t play the piano music, I might as well not keep it. The violin stuff I’m probably keeping since I still have my violin. LOL – I should try playing it once in a while.
I still have 2 closets to finish and my bathroom drawers to go through but it feels so good to be doing this. This past week I’ve been feeling heavy, emotionally and physically. De-cluttering my life and my house is just one thing I am doing to stop those feelings. I am so blessed with my job and the ability to provide for myself. I found my old journals and diaries from my entire life. It’s fun to look back at them. One of the things I see is a wonderful family: parents who supported me and gave me opportunities, and siblings who are my best friends. Life can still be good, even in troubled times.  

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