Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

It's been a great holiday weekend.

It started on Friday when my sister and I took my two nieces on a little overnight backpack trip. I let her talk me into it (she didn't have to talk very hard) because I thought it would be fun to get out and I have all that backpacking gear now that I should use once in a while.

We were going to go to the Uintah's and do a small trail there but the forecast was calling for rain so the day before we left, Amy decided that we'd go up Logan Canyon and hike the Temple Fork Sawmill trail. She said it was 2.5 miles although the sign says 3.2. I think she clocked 3 on her phone.

The trail starts out with a lot of sagebrush and small trees. It was hot and dusty but then you get into the canyon and there are pine trees and wildflowers and all kinds of grass and vegetation. Beautiful.

It was the perfect trail for the kids. Ha ha... and myself. Not too steep and 3 miles was just right. The girls had to carry their sleeping bag, clothes, and water while Amy and I carried the rest. It was their first backpack trip and Amy wanted it to be fun for them so they would want to do it again. They had a great time and already want to go again next year and maybe take more people.

The dog had a great time. Funny story... we were sitting around the fire and it was getting dark but you could still see and Charlie barked and then some animal made a noise. We all looked at each other and started wondering what it could be. We knew bears wouldn't be an issue, even though Amy did take her bear spray. The noise came again and it was hard to make out and we were trying not to freak out. Then it got closer and we could hear it again and this time it was a definite moo. Yeah, we had seen cows on the way up. They graze up there. They were on the side of mountain on the other side of the stream, slowing making their way up and over the side. Ha ha, what a relief to have that mystery noise solved.

The sawmill was built when the LDS settlers were cutting down trees to build the Logan Temple. A few rusted out tools of some kind and the stone monument with a plaque are all that remains.

In a clearing not far from the sawmill remains, we found a spot that has been used for camping, complete with a fire ring. There were 2 other groups of hikers that evening and then we passed 3 or 4 groups coming up as we headed out.

Sitting in the mountains by a campfire is truly one of my favorite things to do. There isn't a lot that is more relaxing than that. Even if I am sitting on a hard log.

We need to go back up that trail sometime. We had left the spare clothes and flip flops in the car and there were so many places we could have gotten in the water if only we knew and had some spare clothes and shoes with us.

After we got back to the car on Saturday morning, we continued up the canyon to Bear Lake and had lunch, complete with famous raspberry shakes. :) Naturally, I didn't sleep very well Friday night so by the time I got home and showered I didn't do much and was in bed by 8:30 and slept like I was dead.

On Sunday, the family had a picnic at the botanical garden on the Ogden river parkway. And since there is a river there, we were in it. The kids were soaked but it was hot and it felt so good to be in the cold water.

And today I've been doing little things around the house like getting the hiking stuff picked up and put away and then reading and enjoying the sunshine.

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