Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Book Review: Class 5 Series

I’ve been on a huge space opera/SFR kick lately. That’s all I’ve wanted to read. I prefer them to be light on the technical details as long as the world is interesting. After all, I’m reading about spaceships and aliens so I’m willing to accept the fantastical. Most of the recent sci-fi romance seems to be self-published. I’m ok with that and I try to do a little digging for content. Goodreads has some good lists I’ve been browsing through for new books to try.
I recently discovered Michelle Diener’s Class 5 series: Dark Horse, Dark Deeds, and Dark Minds. I read Dark Horse in June and liked it quite a bit except for a few things.  This last week I read Dark Deeds and then realized that Dark Minds was just published and I bought it and read the entire book last night.
Each book has a different heroine who has been abducted from Earth and held hostage or prisoner and each of them comes in contact with an AI or “thinking system” and becomes a kind of conscience for them as they are set free. There’s an ongoing story about the different alien races trying to destroy or capture the Class 5 ships and keep the galaxy from war.  And of course, there are the heroes who find and rescue the ladies (initially – there’s a lot of ladies rescuing their men also).
The series as a whole is fantastic. I had 2 problems with it in general. The first is that all 3 women learned multiple languages fluently in 2 months or less. It’s a minor issue and it’s offset by the whole notion that there were other races and cultures and of course they would speak differently. The second is that each book has a central romance and they all took place in less than a week. I generally don’t like insta-love and wasn’t prepared for it to be that fast in the first book. I was ready for the others and they didn’t bother me so much and I just went with it.
Again, those are minor issues. There are a lot of little details that I just loved. One was the fact that the food didn’t taste great to Rose, Fiona, or Imogen and they had to find things they could eat and did like. Another was how music was used culturally by the Grih and how different it is from Earth culture. The songs sung by Fiona and Imogen cracked me up a few times. I have to admit the songs that weren’t actually named had me wondering what they were exactly, and the ones that were had me listening/watching videos on YouTube.
Anyway, I’ve had a great time with this series and can already tell I will be re-reading at least my favorite parts.
I think readers who enjoyed the Scarabaeus series by Sara Creasy or the Paradox series by Rachel Bach would enjoy this.

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