Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

Grrr.... my sister sent me an email that Cathay Pacific is having a sale of 55% off flights to Japan. It would be $1000.00 from Salt Lake. Tickets have to be purchased by July 31 and flights have to be before May 31, 2017. Foreign flights for $1000 or less is a great price and Cathay Pacific is an airline that I really like. Very comfortable for long flights.

I have the money, that's not a problem...but I was kind of planning on staying home next year. I've been thinking about a new car, and I've been thinking about painting walls and replacing the carpet in my home and a myriad of other things that cost money or would need a little time off from work. LOL - what's a girl to do?

What if this is my chance to see Japan? We have friends living in Tokyo right now and they won't be there forever. I told her we better seriously consider this. People tell me a lot that they wish they could travel like I do. Someday is a word I hear all the time. It's a terrible word. Sometimes you have to say TODAY. Or at least before the end of the month. :)

A trip to the library for some Japan travel guides is going to happen really soon.

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