Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend

My Easter weekend was fantastic.
Friday night I got to babysit my 1 year old nephew. He’s so adorable!  We went for a walk…and then had to go for another walk because he climbed back in his stroller. Then we played with toys and I managed to get him to go to sleep right before his parents came home.  
Saturday I slept in and then the family spent the morning at my mom’s house.  The kids decorated eggs and we had a barbeque. We do the candy, eggs, Easter bunny part of Easter on Saturday. Then I went to my sister’s house with my mom. Anna bought a bunch of pea gravel (?) or whatever it’s called to put around her raised garden beds and my mom and I helped her. Then on the way home mom and I went to the drive in at Maddox for dinner. I love their turkey burgers. It’s been a long time since I had one.  I haven’t done yard work in a while now. I can’t say I really miss it.  
Then on Sunday I went to church. I had signed up to volunteer to sit with the primary kids once in a while so their teacher can make it to Relief Society for a break and yesterday my turn came around. So I went to Primary and sat with the kids during sharing time and singing time. It’s been awhile and I forget how disruptive some of the kids can be. But I also felt the spirit so strong singing those primary songs. It was a good way to celebrate Easter. 
After church I cooked. A lot. Ok – maybe not that much because I used my Instant Pot which made it easy.  I was tired of cooking by the time I was done, though. Now I don’t have to cook anything for a couple weeks. I’ll just have to add some fruits and vegetables to a few things I have frozen.  I had ripe bananas so I tried baked oatmeal that I can freeze for breakfast. It was ok. Not sure that I love the recipe I used but I would be willing to try another baked oatmeal recipe when I’m finished with these.
Anyway, it was busy but nice and relaxing at the same time.

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