Monday, March 21, 2016

The Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend. Saturday morning I got up early to go walking. I was wearing a fleece pullover and fleece pants and had my earmuffs with me because I thought it might be a little chilly that early. Oh my gosh, that canyon wind was cold! It took my breath away. I froze the first part of my walk but once I got a couple blocks south and out of the wind I was fine. Then as I was headed back it was getting lighter and warmer but I hit that section with the breeze and it was cold again. I should say it was invigorating. And the cold wind definitely gave me motivation to walk faster and get out of it.
I had my niece for a sleepover Saturday night. Sunday afternoon we ended up walking along the Ogden River parkway. We packed a lunch and were outside for a couple hours. Stupid me didn’t even think about sunscreen and I am burnt. My arms are pink and the front and back of my neck is burnt into the shape of my v-neck t-shirt. I didn’t plan to be outdoors that long but I won’t make that mistake again. We had fun though. My niece threw rocks into the river and played at the playground. She was so tired by the time we got back to the car.

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