Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Family Shenanigans

So a long time ago my dad bought a picture from a street artist. I’m not sure where. I don’t think he was even married to my mom at the time. I need to ask him. I think he said he paid $50.00 for it. Anyway, it’s never been hung in the house before, not officially anyway. My mom won’t allow it and I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want it in my house either. When we were kids we used to think it was so cool.  The key is embossed and we used to like touching it and feeling it stand out. It was hidden in the garage for years and then a few years ago dad built a shed in the back corner of the garden and we took it out there for him. He always says he loves that picture but I think it’s mostly to annoy my mom.

Dads favorite picture, Moms headache

When they moved mom was ready to put it in the trash so my sister and I came up with the idea to sneak it out of the shed and home with one of us. We thought we were so funny. It ended up in my garage for a couple months. My mom noticed it wasn’t with any of the trash and told us she better not see it again.

My parents just had the porch on their new house turned into a sun room and my dad’s desk got moved out there so we figured it was time to hang up his picture. We had the grandkids keep watch while I snuck it into the house. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any wire to hang it so we stole a piece of yarn. The whole thing was a riot to us, of course. The yarn stretched and the picture didn’t even fit where we tried to hang it so we ended up just setting it on dad’s printer.

This ended up on FB

Anyway, the kids thought it was hilarious and we thought it was funny and I told my dad to smile and I took a picture and put it on Facebook. And my mom walked in and out of the sunroom at least 6 different times and never even noticed which really made the kids laugh.

Mom never did see it that night. We went home and she turned off all the lights and locked the doors, oblivious to the whole thing. Of course the next morning while I was at work, I got a voicemail from her telling me to tell my sister (yeah, that’s right, Amy got blamed, not me) that she had 24 hours to get that picture out of her house.  I understand it now has a place of honor in my sister’s garage. I say better her than me.
We get that painting out every few years and do something with it just to tease my mom. It’s a fun family activity.

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