Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I walked 11 miles on Saturday. I had to do it by myself so I put on some music and just walked. I didn’t mean to do 11 miles, but I was walking along the river parkway and I was almost to the top so I just kept going. Then I had to turn around and get back home. It wasn’t too bad, actually. Around mile 5 I could feel my hips getting a little tight but nothing bad. Of course, by the time I got home, I was stiff and sore. That didn’t last very long either, thank goodness.

All this exercise I have been doing is starting to pay off. I have been seeing the scale go down slowly, but I really wanted to see a change in the way my clothes fit and its happening. I’ve been kind of thinking some of my clothes were getting looser, but with one of my pairs of jeans I wore yesterday, I can definitely tell they are looser. It’s not just wishful thinking. It’s still not easy to get up in the morning, but it’s getting easier to know that it’s not a question of if I exercise, but when I exercise. I’m actually making it a priority. There’s no way I could have walked 11 miles in January. I love that I can see improvements in my exercising also.
I haven’t changed a lot of my eating habits. Ha ha… if I could give up sugar I would probably see a bigger change. But I have been cooking. That may sound strange, but cooking for one person really sucks. And it’s so easy not to do it and just have cereal or run by a fast food joint… I can always come up with an excuse. But I have been finding a kind of sense of accomplishment by cooking meals that taste good and that I may want to eat again.  I have found if I can grab leftovers out of the fridge or freezer when I’m rushing out the door in the morning, it also saves me from the money and calories of eating out.  There is definitely room for improvement. I still need to eat more fruits and veggies and less sugar but I’m doing this with baby steps and making changes I will stick with over the long run.  And I’m happy with the progress so I won’t complain.

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