Monday, May 22, 2017

Scotland, Part III

After Inverness, we drove to Skye. It's probably what I was looking forward to the most. I've wanted to go there ever since I read a book that took place there.

Getting back in the car felt much better the second day we drove. It was a very nice drive down the Loch Ness. We stopped at Urquhart Castle and also at Eilean Donan Castle and enjoyed both of them. It was cloudy that day but didn't rain on us.

Urquhart Castle ruins and the Loch Ness

Urquhart Castle grounds and the Loch Ness
Eilean Donan Castle

And since we were too early to check into our accommodations, we drove straight to Portree when we got to Skye. Portree has the brightly painted harbor and is probably the biggest city and the hub most people use but we didn't stay there and I'm kind of glad.

Portree harbor

They call this bay "The Lovely Muck"

We stayed on the grounds of Armadale Castle in a guesthouse. It was a lovely place to stay. The only downside being that it is located in Skye's southern peninsula and most of the isle's attractions are on the northern one. If you don't mind driving, it's great. The distance is not really that far, it's just that the small, twisty roads and a lot of single track make it take a little longer to get to.

Entrance to the guest house: Castleton Suite

Amadale Castle ruins

Armadale Castle ruins: a glimpse inside

Armadale Castle ruins

castle grounds were beautiful
I'm not really one to get excited about royalty but I do love the castles, especially the ruined ones and the glimpses it gives you of history. Being surrounded by Scottish history and the Stewarts and the Jacobites for a few days was really kind of fun for me.

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