Friday, June 5, 2015


It’s pretty sad that some weeks Monday is actually the high of the week. My motivation has been lacking again this week. I’ve gotten things done. I’m actually kind of happy with what I’ve gotten done.  But getting out of bed in the morning has been hard. I read somewhere recently that the bob haircut is in style right now and I’ve been rocking the messy bob. Ok, maybe not rocking it. Unfortunately for me, it probably looks unkempt and tangled and not like all those pictures on Pinterest. Ha ha… ask me if I care?  Right now I’m just happy that tomorrow I can wake up without an alarm clock.

My dad had some surgery yesterday and after work I went and saw him for a bit and then mom and I went and got something to eat. I haven’t watched TV this week (I really have been getting a few things done) but last night I was tired and not really in the mood to read. So I pulled up Netflix and ended up watching Meet the Mormons. I was quite pleasantly surprised by the movie. I didn’t find it preachy (but that’s possibly because I am one) but instead thought it was uplifting. More along the lines of the fact that there are good people everywhere and of every faith and I want to be one of those good people. There was a line in there that struck me and seemed pertinent to the type of week I’ve had. The guy from Nepal (I’m too lazy to go look up his name) said that he isn’t perfect except for one thing. He’s perfect in trying. I kind of like that idea. Just keep going and keep trying. Ha ha… or swimming as Dory would say.

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