Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's February And That Means...

It’s birthday shopping month! My favorite time of year. :) Just kidding. But I do believe that I can celebrate how I want and I have to take care of myself since nobody else will.  

This year I’ve decided to start a new tradition, or I should say add to my tradition, and I’m going to be making some donations to a few organizations that help immigrants and refugees.  I’m still thinking about where to put my time, but while I’m deciding that, I can do this now. I’ve got a couple organizations I’m looking into and I feel good about my decision.  I regularly donate to a few other places plus my church humanitarian fund, but I think making this a tradition for my birthday will be a good thing. I have so much and others have so little, I really should have been doing this long ago, but at least I’m doing it now.

Since I just finished a big clean out of my house, I’m trying not to go overboard for shopping month.  There is a bottle of perfume I want. I need a new pair of walking shoes and I have a few books to buy. All right, who am I kidding; it’s a stack of books. But I’ve culled it down. Truly, I have. And some of them I’m going to go buy at local bookstores. By local, I mean in the same state as I live in. It’s so sad I don’t have a good bookstore in my city. Although probably much safer for my budget.  

Anyway, that’s the plan. Faith and action, tears and laughter, finding happiness and good in spite of all the sadness and anger I also feel.  

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