Thursday, January 19, 2017

Just Some Stuff

Well, the winter blues have kicked in.  It’s snowing today which actually makes me happy. If it’s going to look gloomy, then we should at least be getting weather to go with it.
I did get released from being RS president on the 8th and then spent the entire rest of the week doing absolutely nothing useful. It felt kind of nice. This week I’ve been having fun, mostly at the theater. I have barely been home at all, which means this weekend will be laundry and cleaning and that’s ok too.
I’m one of the bazillion people who bought an Instant Pot during Amazon’s black Friday sales and I’ve been having fun with soup recipes. I’d like some accessories for it, but I’m also on a spending freeze right now (just because I can) and so those types of things will wait for February when birthday shopping month commences.

So yeah, life is ok in spite of the winter blues. One bright spot for sure is that Aunt Jenny (my Christmas cactus) is blooming. I took this picture over a week ago and now that bloom is finished but 2 others are out. And this makes me really happy.

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