Friday, December 9, 2016

True Confessions

I know I can get pretty grumpy (sorry family), but I think that I am generally a happy person and I try to smile and be positive and cheerful. 

I’m coming to the end of my time as relief society president in my ward (according to my bishop) and I am so tired of it. In general, this calling has not been fun. In fact, at times I’ve really hated it. Fun is probably the wrong word. I realize life isn’t always “fun”. I’m hanging in there but I seriously can’t wait to be released. I hate being the one in charge and having to pick up the slack when other people don’t follow through. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen many of the things the sisters in my ward do to serve. Some of them are so good and never say no. But then there’s the group that never say yes. I’m trying to not judge, but it’s incredibly frustrating when you need help.  The introvert in me struggles with calling people on the phone (texting all the way!) or showing up on their doorsteps uninvited. I’ve had a lot of awkward conversations because I’m not the best at making small talk or getting things out of my mouth in general.  I struggle to empathize with people. I’m more of a “suck it up and deal” type of person. I absolutely refuse to do bulletin boards and cute table decorations. It’s all ok. I know I could have put more effort into it at times, and I also know there are times when I really did try and did my best. 

I’ve learned a lot, truly, I have.  I’ve had great help along the way with my counselors and secretary and we’ve had some good times, I think. I’ve seen a lot of good and some struggles and have had help from my Heavenly Father even when I forgot to ask for it. And when I did ask for it, great things happened. And sometimes small things that were absolutely inspiration and answers to prayers.  For the rest of my life I am going to be diligent about saying yes when asked to help with things that I can help with. Seriously, how hard is it to show up to clean the building once in a while?  LOL – but don’t get me started on canning assignments in the middle of the day. Right now though, I’m tired of it and want to be done. Is that a bad thing?  

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