Thursday, September 8, 2016

My Favorite Season

It’s September.  That means I’m eating lots of peaches! They are in season here in Northern Utah. Mom lost her peach trees when she moved but my sister also moved last year and gained 5 trees so I’ve still been eating them fresh picked as they ripen. Yum!

It also means we are entering my favorite time of year. September thru November is really kind of heaven for me.  It’s still a little warm right now, but the nights are getting cooler and the days will be too.  Up in the very tops of the mountains I am seeing some color as the leaves start changing. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing it in our yards also. I LOVE autumn!

Here's a small list why:
Warm socks
Hot Chocolate
My down comforter
Leaves changing colors
Watching the rain from my front window
Curling up with a good book – ha ha ok I do that no matter the season
Cooler days and nights

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