Monday, June 13, 2016

Family Vacation

I spent last week with my family in Oregon. After my parents got back from their trip there last fall, my dad started thinking about a family vacation there. My parents told us they would rent the house and pay for the food if all of us could pay our way up there. 

I have to say I was ridiculously excited for a family vacation in Oregon, even while I wondered at being with them for 7 days straight.  I decided to fly up and rent a car so I paid the most money, except for my parents. It’s ok though. It works for me. My 2 sisters and brother drove with their families. Even if I had driven, I would have been by myself because with all the kids there were no extra seats.
I arrived Sunday morning and since I had a few hours to spare before heading to the coast, I went to Powell’s Books. J I escaped with only 4 books so I’m very happy with myself.

We stayed just south of Waldport, and just down the road from the house my parents rented last year. This house was pretty big with 6 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms and right on the beach.

And for the bad news, sickness travels fast in a house with 6 children. A few of us got sick, including me. So I was actually a little bit miserable part of the time, even though I was out and doing things. When I got home Saturday afternoon, I just crashed and then didn’t go to church on Sunday. I needed some rest. I still have a nasty cough and my sinuses aren’t quite back to normal.

In spite of that, I loved being with my family. There wasn’t much fighting and I think all of us had a pretty good time. We played in the water and sand, flew a kite on the beach, went to the Tillamook cheese factory, and saw sea lions on the wharf in Newport. I didn’t get out to walk on the beach every morning like I had planned because I didn’t feel good but I guess I can’t have everything. My room had a balcony and I slept with the door slightly open every night to hear the ocean. It was wonderful.

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