Monday, April 4, 2016

Nice Spring Weekend

Last Friday I attended the funeral of my uncle. I didn’t know him very well, but he did give me my first real job. The summer after I graduated from high school my mom got him to hire me to work at his fruit stand on Highway 89. I spent the summer selling (mostly) locally grown fruits and vegetables to people who stopped along Utah’s famous “Fruit Way”. I don’t know if it’s that famous but a lot of people still buy fruit along the side of the road during the summer.

Man, I was young. I was ready to go to college and grow up and get on with life. I still remember some of the songs that played on the radio that summer. The station was set to country music, which up to that time I had not listed to. It’s funny how I can look back at parts of my life and recall a soundtrack to go along with the memories. Or how a certain song will come on the radio and I can vividly remember driving in my car in a totally different time and place and remember singing along to that exact song.  

Anyway, going to the funeral just reminded me of that summer. I haven’t really thought about it in a long time.  After the funeral my parents and sisters and the nephew not old enough for school went for ice cream. The weather was finally absolutely gorgeous this whole weekend. I did a bunch of spring cleaning and still managed to get outside a little bit to enjoy the sunshine.

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