Friday, April 29, 2016

La Cuisine Cooking Class

For sure, one of my favorite things was the cooking class we did. I let Heather pick it since it was her idea but I had a great time. We did the market class which means we met up at a local market and purchased vegetables, meat, cheese, and bread and took it back to the kitchen to cook. 

I will probably never cook anything like it again but it was so fun and delicious.  We had artichokes, leeks, potatoes, duck, cheese and bread. Then for dessert we had crème caramel.

For all that though, I did learn a few things that I can use with my own cooking.

Truly, I only rarely enjoy cooking. Every once in a while I get quite pleased with myself for making something tasty and good for me, but I don’t feel that way a lot.
I had to laugh at the difference between my plate and the one the chef did. The art of making the plate look good is totally lost on me. Bet you can’t guess which is which.

After the cooking class we went shopping! Even though I wasn’t in the market for designer anything, the Galleries Lafayette was a fun place to go. I did buy some souvenirs there.

 I also bought a ton of French beauty products from Citypharma.
And soap from another little store in the Marais area. My suitcase was so full going home. I’m amazed what I pulled out of there when I unpacked. Three bottles of perfume! This is definitely the trip that I spent the most money on.

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