Friday, February 12, 2016

Winter Blues

It's been a bit of a blah week. The inversion has kicked in so the air quality is bad and I haven't seen blue sky or sunshine for days. That's winter in Utah for you.

I tackled a filing project at work and have gotten quite a bit done. Usually I'm just dealing with HR problems and don't see a lot to show for it. This week I can see a real change in my office. It's kind of nice.

In other news, it's birthday shopping month. :) I've pretty much spent too much money on myself on shoes, clothes, perfume, a bracelet, piano music, and makeup. Notice there are NO books on that list! I already spent my book allowance for the quarter. And yes, I realize the quarter is not even halfway over.

Oddly enough, my book reading has been sporadic lately. I have bookmarks in at least 5 books right now and none of them are wowing me enough to dig in and just read. Instead I've been watching Jane Austen movies. Can't go wrong with a little Anne and Captain Wentworth or the Dashwood sisters.

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