Friday, February 19, 2016

A Day Late...

I tend to feel a day late and a dollar short a lot. I’m always behind on something. Ha ha… although ask me if I truly care. My tv watching these days is entirely streaming so I am always seasons behind or find out about a show I like when it’s over. I can have a celebrity crush and just know that they’ve already moved on and don’t look like that anymore, or are years older. Recently I heard one of those 80’s ballads that were so popular back then and I had never heard it before. Evidently it’s pretty famous. I had no idea. Sometimes I wonder how I really could have missed it but whatever.
I do try to keep up on current events to an extent, but other than that I’ve recently tried to limit my social media. I’ve decided I’m happier when I don’t get on Facebook very often and I still haven’t figured out the point of Twitter. Some of the people that pop up in the news, I don’t even know how they got famous and I really don’t care.
I went to visit a lady in my ward the other day. She had just celebrated a birthday and is 93. I didn’t know much about her but it sounds like she has done some fun things in her life with traveling and her kids and grandkids. And the things she’s experienced! She told us she looks back on her life and it’s been a good one and she’s very happy even if she’s not going as fast as she used to. I think she’s amazing and how wonderful it is to be getting to the end of your life and look back on it and see how good it was. Truly, the things that are important are not things. I was thinking that’s how I want to feel when I come to the end of my life.
I just celebrated my own birthday and realized (again!) that I am truly blessed. I’ve had a great time with “birthday shopping month” and I’ve spent time with friends and family and on my birthday even had friends and family show up at my door to bring me treats or sing to me.
Life is good even with the problems and even if I can’t keep up with everything. I know what’s important so I’ll just concentrate on that.

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