Friday, January 15, 2016

Lunch Break

It’s been a good January so far. We’ve had a couple of storms recently to give a little bit more white stuff. Right now I still like it.
This week has been an adjustment week for me. When my parents lived in Brigham (ha ha not so long ago) I would always go home for lunch. I could talk to them a little bit, read my book, and just get a break away from work. I had been doing that for years. Then after they moved it was the holidays and work was busy and I had enough to do that I either ran errands at lunch or just ate at my desk. I quickly realized though, that I need that break in the day.  So this week I’ve charged up my Kindle and have been eating in the break room. There are usually 2-8 other people in there during the lunch hour on any given day of the week so I can talk to them if I want. But mostly, I just want to eat and read for a while so I’ve staked my seat at a table and have eaten lunch at work.  And it’s fine. It’s not killing me. And even though I’m not actually leaving work, it still feels like a break. When the weather is nicer I’ll probably try and go walk at the park or something at least once a week. Anyway, I’m surviving the change. The good news is that I’ve noticed I have a lot more gas left in the tank than I usually do after driving to Brigham 5 days a week. Maybe I’ll save a bit of money eating my lunch at work.

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