Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fate can be very, very cruel

Either I have bad luck or bad habits or maybe a combination of both. I got sick last Friday night and I’m still trying to recover. That makes twice in 5 weeks. This time was bad though. I didn’t leave my house for 3 days and even now I’m still coughing and blowing my nose. I ended up watching 10 hours straight of The Walking Dead on Sunday. I kind of felt like a zombie so I figured why not? Plus, my head hurt too much to read. That much TV was a bit of a mistake. I could not sleep that night. It wasn’t because I was scared but my brain had been over stimulated or something and I couldn’t turn it off. However, I’m hooked on TWD and will be starting season 3 very soon.

Then last night I had just gotten a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep after the coughing stopped when fate stepped in and my smoke detector started chirping because the battery is low. And it was the one in my bedroom with the high ceiling that I have no way to reach. So I gathered my blanket and pillow and shut the bedroom door and tried to sleep on the couch but I could still hear the thing. At least I know I’ll be able to hear it anywhere in the house if it ever really goes off. Anyway, another long night and long day that isn’t over yet.

I guess to look on the bright side, we had treat day at work so I got to eat a piece of Larry’s fudge and my mom made me a popcorn cake so I didn’t have to make anything. The fudge and popcorn cake were delicious. And there’s only a couple hours left in the work day then I’ll get to put my pajamas back on and my sister is going to bring her ladder over so I can change a battery. Hopefully, with a little care, I will be well for Christmas and will be done getting sick for the winter.

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