Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What are you reading?

Sometimes I really hate it when people ask me what I'm reading. If it's somebody who really knows me and knows what I like to read, I don't mind. But when random people on airplanes or co-workers, etc. ask, I sometimes hate to answer. Inevitably, I get a blank look because they've never heard of what I'm reading. It happened to me again last week at work.

Me: I'm tired because I stayed up reading last night.
Coworker: It must have been good. What are you reading?
Me: Um...it's called Magic Rises.
Coworker: blank look and a nod
Me: It's a series from one of my favorite authors.
Coworker: Nice, what's it about?
Me: Hmmm.. magic and shape shifters... there are a few vampires too, but not the sparkly kind.
Coworker: another blank look
Coworker: Nice, well gotta get back to work.

It's just funny to me that the thing I spend most of my free time doing is something I don't really talk about with people I know. There are a few friends or family whose reading interests overlap with mine or who really understand why I love reading, but nobody who really likes to read the same books as I do. I'm not complaining about it. I get on Goodreads or go to my favorite book blogs if I want to discuss books.

Anyway, that's why I don't like it when people ask me what I'm reading. Of course, knowing my luck, I could be reading Shakespeare and be sitting next to the one person who hasn't heard of him. :)

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