Monday, May 6, 2013

Ice cream and bubbles

It was a great weekend. I started out a bit restless on Friday night. After work, I sat down and finished my book and it was so good and kind of emotional at the end.  So then I was restless. I paced around doing little things like picking up some of my clutter, putting away laundry, etc. It’s funny how I am always kind of sad when I finish a really good book. It’s a kind of mourning for friends that you won’t see again.. at least not until a re-read. And I simply cannot start another book so soon after a good one like that.

Saturday, I played with the kids. I guess I was technically babysitting. I offered to take them to Dinosaur Park, but they didn’t want to so instead we played with my tinker toys and then went outside and played and blew bubbles.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE blowing bubbles. What is it about sitting on the grass in the sunshine watching bubbles float across the yard? It’s such a great, relaxing feeling.  And I don’t do it by myself (although I don’t know why not since I love it so much) so I always like to get the bubbles out when the kids come over.
After bubbles we went to Farr’s for ice cream.  It was a bit crowded in the little ice cream shop so we got our cones and went outside and sat on some steps near the parking and out of the sun.  The people who had been in line before us were getting into their van and the driver let out a huge burp. The kids are at that age where it was hilarious to them but I told them they couldn’t laugh out loud while all the van windows were down so we all sat there giggling quietly. Then we’d stop but once we caught each other’s eye we would start giggling again. You probably had to be there but we had the best time laughing and eating ice cream.  I love little moments like that.

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