Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Vacation - Part 2

I must admit that Copenhagen was a bit of a disappointment to me. After Stockholm, it just didn’t have the ease of getting around and was dirty. Not that I haven’t been in dirty cities before (and the US isn’t exactly clean) but there was seriously trash all over in Stroget one morning.  We did stay at a nice hotel near Nyhavn, which was very fun. If I’m ever there again, I will rent a bike to get around the city. They have fantastic bike lanes and of course I’d get a lot further than walking.
It was overcast and rained quite a bit in Copenhagen, and actually the entire trip. We were prepared and didn’t let the rain bother us most of the time.
No trip to Copenhagen is complete without seeing The Little Mermaid statue. We went just because you have to, right? There are better things to see in the city. J
Nyhavn is one of the most famous streets and packed with tourists, even on rainy days.
Frederiksberg Park was beautiful. I liked that area of the city the most, I think.

And my favorite part of Denmark was taking a train to Helsingor and seeing Kronborg Slot, aka Hamlet’s Castle, which it should be noted, has burned and been rebuilt a few times so even if Hamlet wasn’t a fictional character, he wouldn’t have lived in this particular castle. J It’s also unlikely that Shakespeare himself ever saw it. It rained like crazy and we were wet and tired but it was still fun to walk around. The casements were almost completely unlit and they let you run around in the dark. That would be a great place for Halloween. And it has a moat. Every castle should have a moat! J

Anyway, it was a great trip overall. I knocked 2 more spots off my list and now I’m happily at home sleeping in my own bed and full of possibilities for the next trip, where ever it may be.

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