Thursday, April 12, 2012

Remembering Italy

The other day I looked through my pictures of Rome. That was such a great trip. I loved Rome and Florence. What is it about ancient ruins and old streets and fountains that get me so excited? Mostly I love seeing evidence of people that lived before now and everything they accomplished. I bet they really were not much different than we are now. Sure, technology and way of living has changed but I’m not sure people really do.
Some of my personal highlights from my trip to Italy:
*Walking the streets of Rome at night. I loved all the lights. I was there in November and it got dark early, but there was still plenty to see and many people out and about. The Coliseum and Trevi Fountain were probably my favorites lit up but it was all fun.

*Biking Via Appia Antica after a rainstorm was fantastic. The old stones in the road got really slippery but it was so worth it. It's one of the oldest Roman roads that everybody had to use to get to Rome. Just imagine who would have walked on it.

*Walking into the busy Palazzo Vecchio in Florence to see David II (after seeing the original at the Accademia). A guitarist was playing “The Prayer” and it was echoing through the plaza. It’s not my favorite song, but it does have a nice melody and for some reason it struck me as being exactly what I expected to hear in a piazza in Italy.

*Exploring the Mithraic temple under the Basilica de San Clemente and the catacombs of San Callisto. I love the spooky, underground stuff. Pictures were prohibited at both those places so I didn’t take any. Now I kind of wish I had anyway. J
*Coming upon the Spanish steps in the morning after another rainstorm when everything was just waking up. The Spanish steps were always packed every other time we passed by them, but that first day when we were passing them on the way to the Villa Borghese, they were empty and the only sound was the shops starting to set up to open for the day and a few tourists.
Good times. I can’t say Rome has been my favorite trip so far (it’s SO hard to compete with the Alhambra J ) but it’s definitely up there. And Italy is still on my list. One of these days I will get back there.

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